Sales Skills Negotiation

Sales Skills Negotiation

This is the art of understanding, appreciating and influencing others for mutual benefit.

This workshop optimises the abilities for successful negotiation. The question of positioning, i. e. the strength of bargaining positions of the negotiating parties is kept in mind. However, the following questions will also be put forward and answered: How and when to give in? When should the other negotiating party win? How can we strengthen our opponent? How to abolish our own strengths? – All of these are questions we would never have dared to ask in the context of negotiations. But only when winning is not the aim any more, but discovering the counterparts strengths, will we be able to conduct truly successful negotiations.
Among the topics are:

  • Ways to inner poise
  • Establishing a positive attitude to one’s surroundings
  • Competence in dealing with emotions (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Ability to motivate oneself continuously
  • Developing true commitment
  • Optimum preparation
  • Defining target(s) and starting position
  • Classifying motivation types with Structogram®
  • Collecting possible objections/ thinking reactions through
  • Planning real activities in detail
  • Handling critical situations successfully
  • Underperformance – non-fulfilment of performance
  • Price pressure, price negotiations
  • Unsettling and doubting, disturbing and interrupting
  • Body language (Mehrabian study), eye contact, use of voice and language
  • Mastering negotiation strategies
  • Ask, ask and think of the aim
  • Sales Skills Advanced strategies
  • Hardseller‘s Negotiation Strategies Part 1 and 2


The participants practise the optimised and new strategies in video-assisted negotiation situations. Constructive feedback and learning cycles intensify the content and make sure they can be put into practice immediately.

Who is the course for?

  • Sales and relationship persons with some years of experience in client sales meetings and negotiation situations.
  • Negotiators who want to optimize their competence and their impact in negotiation situations.
  • Seniors employees and leading persons to find new motivation and ideas for their communication and their high level negotiations.
  • Managing directors and leaders who want to optimize communicative and strategic skills in negotiations.

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