Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling

Strategic selling starts with planning and analyzing the marketing strategy. However, this aspect alone is by far not enough to expand and consolidate existing customer relationships for mutual benefit. In this workshop, we establish, together with the management and the Sales team, the most promising strategies and approaches to anchor companies and products firmly with their customers. We discuss every step necessary, so as to develop a resilient network of deciders. And we analyze the prospective customer company until the Buying Center as well as the important informal contacts have been identified and made usable.

Among the topics are:

  • Dimensions of customer relationships
  • The Fully Engaged Customer
  • Target-oriented response to different motivation types and what behaviour they requir
  • Understanding and influencing the customer’s world of thought
  • Strategic build-up of relations
  • Setting up and developing a network of deciders
  • Developing customer relations that withstand pressure
  • Emotionally understanding critical situations and handling them successfully
  • Productive questions – developing X-Selling options
  • Using synergies and networking
  • Buying Center analysis
  • System of reference customers
  • Analyses in the customer portfolio
  • Company-SWOT-Analysis
  • Sales and Relationship management system


Who is the course for?

  • Sales and Relationship employees with experience in the strategic establishment and expansion of customer contacts.
  • Team leaders who want to create and implement a sustainable strategic marketing concept together with their team.
  • Managing directors and executives who want to accompany the strategic marketing approach in its implementation.

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