Presentation Excellence

Presentation Excellence

In this intensive workshop, the participants’ personal performance in media-supported presentations or on other internal or public speaking occasions is optimized. The real level of professionalism of the presenting company becomes evident especially when talking to large audiences and boards of deciders. The participants of this Presentation Training get to know the most up-to-date and most effective tools and skills to win over their audience through content as well as emotionally.

The tasks set individually in this workshop challenge and develop the participants’ creativity at maximum level. The content conveyed is directly translated into video-assisted presentations and optimized by constructive feedback. Afterwards, the participants will be able to hold presentations at a high level with great emotional and thematic impact and to react to possible objections skillfully and with confidence.

Among the topics are:

  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Rhetorical use of voice and language/li>
  • Improving of body language and the effect of personality
  • Avoiding typical mistakes of speech and presentation
  • Presenting and giving speeches to groups
  • Psychological possibilities of interacting with the audience
  • Activating the audience – tour guide instead of hostage-taker
  • Conveying memorable information
  • Developing profitable stories: “Facts tell, stories sell“
  • Reaching an inspiring dialogue with the audience
  • Reacting confidently to critical questions
  • Creating surprises: We’re not allowed to bore our listeners!
  • Handling presentation media professionally
  • Presentations of content or impressive events?
  • Stage directions: planning and carrying out the “stage performance”
  • Setting up a convincing dramatic structure for a presentation
  • How to use opening act, cliffhanger and closing remarks with perfection

Who is the course for?

  • Sales and relationship persons with some years of experience in client sales meetings
  • Presenters who want to optimize their persuasiveness and impact.
  • Senior employees will find new ideas, motivation, tools and skills in the presentation to customers and interested parties.
  • Managing directors and leaders who want to optimize their presentation skills.

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