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In a judgement issued on 12 May 1998, the Hamburg Regional Court [Landgericht Hamburg] decided that if a link is included on a website, the particular website owner may also be liable for the content of the linked page.

According to the Hamburg Regional Court, such liability can only be avoided by expressly dissociating oneself from the content of the linked page, or the entire web. For all these links, the following is valid:
“We hereby expressly stress that we have no influence on the presentation and contents of the linked websites. Therefore, we expressly dissociate ourselves from any and all content of such pages that can be accessed by links on our website, including all sub-pages and their sub-links or any other jump pages or other tools used for linking. This statement shall be valid for all the links on our homepage and for the contents of the pages accessed by links, banners or other means of linking.”

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