Beauty Contest

Beauty Contest

During the personal presentation of a manager in a Beauty Contest, it was sufficient until recently to impressively present the key features of a portfolio and to adequately answer the questions coming up in the “interview” afterwards. Today, however, that’s not nearly enough anymore.

After answering the questions relevant to a pre-selection, your prospective customer will not only want to find out about the offer, but also want to get to know the people involved. He wants to know what kind of people he will be dealing with in the future and what their commitment in handling his affairs will be. He wants to know that the presentation team really works together as a TEAM and how his current and future wishes and demands will be communicated inside the company providing the service. Today more than ever, the Beauty Contest is a confidence-building measure.

On the deciders’ side, a Beauty Contests varies between 2 to 8 people –quite frequently a representative of the consultant is additionally present – and this leads to approaches specific for each case. Only those who prepare systematically for each of these situations will manage to be remembered positively by the board. Only those who conduct professional and dialogue-oriented presentation, will make a longer-lasting impression on the deciders. Those managing to build up trust within a short timespan have the biggest chance to win the Beauty Contest.

You will learn everything about the suitable preparation of Beauty Contests, professional and efficient performance and the most promising strategies for dealing with small as well as large boards.

  • Professional preparation – hand-outs and/ or more?
  • Warm-up under time pressure
  • Creating a constructive atmosphere
  • Introductions and moderating techniques
  • Professional media use
  • Homogenity within the team
  • Professional transitions in talks
  • In-team support RM / PM / Director
  • Your story about how to choose managers
  • Introductory questions to start with
  • The effective story of your offer
  • Motivational types on the deciding side and what they require you to do
  • E² = Emotions and attitude
  • Building up trust as immediately as possible
  • Strategies for discussion and dealing with objections
  • Conclusion of contract– building up trust and follow-up

For reasons of consistency and to maximize success, we prefer to conduct this seminar – whenever possible – as a joint training for Sales / Relation managers and product experts / Portfolio Managers.

Who is the course for?

  • Sales and relationship persons with some years of experience in client sales meetings
  • Seniors to find new motivation and ideas for Beauty Contests.
  • All participants on your site to bring their presentation skills to perfection.
  • Managing directors and leaders who want to optimize their presentation skills, not only in Beauty Contests.

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