Cold Calls and First Visit

Cold Calls and First Visit

A potential new client for a sophisticated product cannot be won over by one single quick phone call. The Cold Call needs to be well prepared – and not only in terms of expertise. How do you quickly overcome the barrier of the secretaries‘ office (At best not “quickly” at all, use the opportunities offered already at this early stage to leave a positive impression), how to obtain an appointment, how to handle critical situations during an initial interview? How to present one’s own company successfully and thus gain new additional mandates? Our current seminar provides answers to these questions. Interactive methods are used to demonstrate successful strategies of customer acquisition and customer relations management to executives and sales managers specialising on marketing, sales and CRM.

  • Dealing with the most usual objections on the phone
  • Building a set of arguments focusing on the benefits
  • Designing conversation starters and springboards
  • Handling barriers (in the form of secretaries‘ offices) and gatekeepers successfully
  • Wordings for successfully making appointments
  • Positioning – „What reasons speak in favour of your company?”
  • Dimensions of customer relationship
  • Rhetorical use of voice and language
  • Convincing use of body language (gestures, mimics, posture)
  • Professional preparation to customer situations
  • Levers based on sales psychology when talking to the customer
  • Setting up a convincing dramatic structure for a presentation
  • Psychological possibilities when interacting with a board
  • Avoiding typical mistakes of speech and presentation
  • Enhancing personal performance in conversation scenarios
  • Productive questions for demand assessment
  • Handling critical situations during the first visit successfully
  • Agreeing on specific steps and follow-up


Who is the course for?

  • Sales and relationship persons with some years of experience in telephone contact with their customers.
  • Sales and Relationship Managers with experience in telephone support for customers.
  • Sales and Relations Managers who want to have emotionally convincing phone calls with their customers.
  • CEOs and executives who want to optimize their communication skills when making phone calls with their contacts

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