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We see it as our primary task to achieve verifiable success with the companies we support.
The focus of our work is on people and the strategy, simplification in all communicative processes to achieve success for everyone involved.

Since 1991 we have committed ourselves to management consulting of sales-oriented companies. During this time, we have focused on suppliers of high-value and sophisticated products. The success of these 20 years relies, among others, on our expert knowledge about these sectors that surpasses average consulting know-how by far. Moreover, our long-standing years of personal involvement in the management of sales teams at one of the biggest financial services firms constitute a vast and real-life treasure trove of experience.

By intensively exchanging feedback with our participants – also after the events – we always keep the tools and skills we teach up-to-date for our clients’ purposes. As we regularly accompany our clients to real-life Sales Meetings, Beauty Contests or Reviews – during an Individual Coaching, for example – we tap into changes in their field of business at an early stage. All this guarantees that our practical knowledge and the contents imparted in our trainings are always at eye level with the market.

The first years of DERCK consulting were determined by services in consulting, trainings and coaching in cooperation with well-known agencies employed by different companies in trade, services and industry. Today, the expert knowledge gained at that time plays a major role in our successful consulting activities and continues to open up outside-the-box perspectives to our customers

For many years now, the DERCK Consulting Team has been specializing on consulting, coaching and training teams in Management, Sales and Customer Relationship of suppliers of sophisticated bank products.

We offer consulting, training and coaching with the relevant clarity and simplicity actually inherent in human communication and convey an understanding of the question how people can work together successfully. Tuning into the changes on the market, we break the new ground together with you as necessary, without following pseudo-scientific innovations just because they are fashionable.

During this time, we offer all of our services as individual face-to-face training and coaching as well as webinars and online coaching.

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Andreas A. Derck

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