Our Values

Set your goals high enough then the circumstances align with your goals.
Mahatma Ghandi



The people we trustfully work with on the completion of our common tasks, deserve our appreciation in every situation. Serving both these people and the success of the enterprise is given absolute prominence here. Humanity and success are not mutually exclusive, but are always compatible and consecutive.


We feel fully committed towards the companies we work for. In particular, a trustful cooperation commands the observance of confidentiality regarding all contents of conversations, discussions, events and records.

The participants of our trainings, the persons coached in personal coaching projects, the managers of the companies, and the companies themselves, can always rely on our discretion.


We strongly identify ourselves with our task and its conceptual design and individual implementation. From the very beginning, the success of each action clearly is our first and unconditional goal. We experience our projects as being directly linked to your company and are constantly at your disposal in order to enhance your success.


We stick to our statements and promises. Clarity and openness are the basis for a successful project work. We express our concerns straightly and consider any corrections and adjustments to our jointly-developed strategy as a further development.

Working closely and directly with your staff, we always keep a professional distance, though, in order to produce successful changes that are binding and consistent.


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