Seminars and Workshops

Entertaining and interactive. Feasible and providing in-depth industry knowledge!

Seminar lecture

We offer seminars as initiative measures and as an integral part of change management processes.

Our lecture series takes you on a journey to the subtleties of human communication, based on science and practical experience. We always use interactive and entertaining methods to convey information. Motivation and temptation to adopt a new course and leave behind outdated patterns of behaviour! Always with the aim to create a more successful future for our participants as well as their customers.


Intensive workshop

Exchange knowledge – share experiences – achieve results!

We organise intensive workshops in order to develop, train, and enhance sustainably desired behavioural patterns within a management or sales team, directly and jointly with you and your colleagues.
Only when the change also becomes determinable by itself, its positive effect on yourself and your environment will be perceived motivating.
This is the only way to achieve outstanding results!


Coaching workshop

Change management is chance management!

We use the coaching workshop to find a common determination of goals and to set the bearings for all those participating in a coaching or change process. Here, the participants will find a platform for discussing and defining their positions. All participants are responsible to define values and goals and to agree upon behavioural patterns. The coaching workshop also serves as a systematic preparation for a personal coaching with individual team members or an entire organisation.

The commitment of all involved in a coaching or change process is essential to the success aimed at in the process of change!

Examples of topics and spezialising

  • Identification with the corporate goals and values
  • Management of demographic change
  • Personal performance in presentations, Beauty contests and negotiations
  • Creation of a professional argumentation manual for my sales activities

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